Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Credit Specialists

Our Services

IMK Consulting specializes in all aspects of SR&ED claim preparation and management.

We provide technical expertise on laws, admissibility and scientific content of company projects. We can interview your technical staff to determine which projects, activities and expenses meet the eligibility criteria, write up your technical project descriptions on your behalf and collect and compile all financial information required to prepare the claim. We also ensure that all supporting documentation meets the eligibility requirements, and make suggestions for improvement when necessary.  We represent clients during Canada Revenue Agency audits and help to prepare clients prior to the audit. We can also provide training and help structure companies properly to facilitate their future SR&ED claims.

We offer custom tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Call us today! Assisting you will be our pleasure.

You may be seeking assistance in one or more of the following areas, in which case IMK Consulting can help.

Identification of Eligible SR&ED Projects and Expenditures

We can help you determine which projects, activities and related expenses qualify under the program. We can help to ensure that every eligible project, activity and expenditure is identified with the objective of maximizing your SR&ED claim.

Write your Project Descriptions

Collecting the required information and preparing the claim yourself can be time-consuming. We can write up your technical project descriptions on your behalf after interviewing your technical staff and reviewing supporting documentation.  We can work with you to structure your project descriptions by technological advancement. This is how the Canada Revenue Agency prefers to review claims.

Review your SR&ED Claims

If you prefer to prepare your own claims, we can review your technical project descriptions to confirm that they contain the necessary information and that all eligible activities are identified. We can also review your financial information to ensure that all eligible expenditures have been included.

Train your Staff

We can instruct your staff on how to identify eligible projects, activities, and expenses, prepare technical reports, and set up a control system to collect supporting documentation.

Participate in Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Audits

If your claim is under review, we can help. IMK Consulting can assist you with CRA discussions which can save you a lot of time and inconveniences. The key to a successful SR&ED audit is to be prepared. We can help you focus on the important issues that will help to support your claim and review the key elements of your SR&ED projects so that all of the CRA’s concerns will be addressed. We work with you to develop the defense of your claims, train your staff prior to the audit, and take the lead in managing the audit process. We have a wealth of experience with the CRA’s processes, and we can help you formulate a successful resolution strategy. 

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